Who we are

Formidable means inspiring admiration and respect through being impressively greater than life, powerful and capable. At our core is enabling this inspiration and it is our driver to bring you the brands that are transformative with ingredients that deliver immediate and tangible results - Brands that are breaking out of the colossal and mystifying personal care products pack.

About the Brand

Formidable Beauty sets itself apart.

The first to bring to Australia the brands GD11, Benestem and Curestem. Skin care products with cutting edge cell-Bio technology using human cord blood cell conditioning media to harness birth energy to awaken your skin.
Transformative for skincare - A total of 89 active ingredients rebuild the autogenic power of your skin by preventing wrinkles and enhancing skin tone and texture.

Formidable is about bring you products for authentic engagement with a purpose – original, fresh and new - not just regurgitating what’s already everywhere

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